Mar 19, 2013
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The Invisible War

So as I was checking about rape-culture, I heard about the documentary The Invisible War, released in 2012. The Invisible War is a 2012 documentary film written and directed by Kirby Dick bout sexual assault in the United States military.

I directly checked if it was available and looked at it :

In 2010, 108,121 veterans screened positive for military sexual trauma, and 68,379 had at least one Veterans Health Administration outpatient visit for related conditions. Also in 2010, The Department of Defense processed reports of 3,198 new assaults but estimated the actual number of assaults to be closer to 19,000. However, these reports only resulted in convictions against 244 perpetrators.

The documentary explains the story of about 10 women and 4 men who had been raped as they were serving. It is obviously very emotional, but never pathetic. The survivors really have a sense of reserve wich is really appreciable. There is no voyeurism, only facts.

Speaking about facts, here are some facts that really striked me during the movie :

• Over 20% of female veterans have been sexually assaulted while serving.

• 15% of incoming recruits attempted or committed rape before entering the military.

 Twice the percentage of the equivalent civilian population.

• In units where sexual harassment is tolerated, incidents of rape triple.

• The filmmakers contacted five female marines who were each assaulted by an officer while serving at Marine Barracks Washington. Four of the women were investigated or punished after they reported.  No officer was punished for any assault.

• 35% of victims don’t report their rape because the person they have to see for that is their own rapist.

I was shattered by this tentacular aspect. It really sounds  like a secret organization for the juridical aspect, and in the same time, it’s like evreyone know about the rapes and the sexual violence. That is really striking during the Marine Barracks Washington for instance : as the female soldier is send there, she’s warned : “Females here are objects for soldiers to fuck.”

The fact that man-rape was approached is also very intersting. It is a rare topic and as important as female-rape of course, and the courage of the men in the documentary is absolutely admirable.

If you have any occasion to see this documentary, then do, it sure is tough but important. We really don’t know enough …

Pour les Français : je l’ai regardé en VO sans sous titre, c’est vraiment très simple à comprendre à part peut-être le vocabulaire juridique. Il est trouvable en DL très facilement.

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    Just watched this and it is very distressing. But the quote that got to me the most? "…rape is an occupational hazard…"...
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    I’m watching this film right now and all I can think about is how many of the statistics are probably underestimated....
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    This is one of those documentaries that you want to make every single person you know watch. Imagine getting raped, and...
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    Everyone needs to watch this documentary, NOW.
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